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Love the Bulb is a community arts organization that celebrates and protects the creative spirit of the urban wild known as the Albany Bulb. Follow us on Instagram @LovetheBulb and at  We have temporarily postponed in-person events due to the pandemic, but you can see recent musical performances and art on our Facebook page and YouTube.

This website shares art and performance from our last Bulbfest in May 2019.

Art Opening  Saturday May 4, 2019, 4-6:30 pm.

Dance Performances  Sunday, May 5, 2019, 12-4 pm.

Bulbfest 2019 was a two-day festival that highlighted the ruggedly beautiful landscapes of the Albany Bulb with dance performances and new art installations.

The Albany Bulb is a city park at a former construction debris landfill surrounded by spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. The Albany Bulb has long been known for informal sculpture and art. Love the Bulb, a community arts organization presented this festival to highlight the value of this endangered and uniquely Bay Area space for the imagination.

The theme of the festival this year was Resilience. The performances and art installations explored the resilience of nature in the face of climate change and sea level rise as well as human resilience in the face of individual and societal changes. The works have been selected through an open call process, with the help of a jury consisting of local professionals in the fields of arts, education, activism and urban design.





May 4, 2019

4:00-6:30 pm

Woven Whole + People #1.JPG
Woven Living Willow - 
‘The Bulb’

Kelsi Anderson

Dream8 Closeup #2.jpg
Dream #8 -
The Return of Medicinal Plants

Adrian Arias

Mara Hernandez

Uprooted People #1.JPG
Rooted / Uprooted

Cristina Bejarano, Rivka Weinstock, Peter Trio, Ariel Resnikoff

Bench Whole #1.jpg
Invasive Railroad + Anthropocene Bench

Colin Christy

TTBMIWB Closeup #1.jpg
Try to Break Me I Will Bend

Santiago Insignares

Giant Nest Whole #1.jpg
The Giant Nest Project

Liz Karosick 


Door Whole #1.JPG
Doors of Protection

Natalie Koski-Karell

Tree Whole #1.jpg
Tree Home

Carol Newborg

Michelle Echenique

Carrie Blanche

750,000 Pounds Whole + Person.jpg
750,000 Pounds

Kasey Smith

Presence 0.png



May 5, 2019

12:00-4:00 pm

Terra Femme

A. Spearman & Co.

Earth as a feminine being whose energy is being drained by external turmoil; she continues to give nevertheless.

The Tree and Me

Dance Monks

Trees speak; are you listening?  What stories are held here?  What wants to be spoken and what prefers to remain in silence?


Destiny Arts

A performance that speaks to the resiliency of the earth and the youth it holds. Bringing up conversations around how we can collaborate so the world and its inhabitants can thrive. Come find your inner jewel and shine. 

Ain’t No Grave

Evie Ladin’s MoToR/dance

Built on a rhythmic vocabulary of Afro-Cuban son coated with a southern Appalachian hymn, this dance demands the resilience of the human spirit against a complicated and painful history inherent in the building of America.

Vague Clarities (Excerpt)

Hannah Ayasse and Co.

Both the Bulb and the Body develop resilience through resistance, push and pull. Gwen Hornig, Katherine Neumann, Dominique Nigro, and Andrew Rose explore the alchemy of opposition, creation through conflict, and counterweight.

We Won’t Go Back

Hannah Young and Dancers

With white billowing fabric holding them together, two dancers explore what it means to leave a home. 

Resilience is Us

Impromptu No Tutu

Elder women dancers inspired by nature invite the audience to mingle and move with us to experience how resilience is built through shared creativity and joy.

Natamaadum Kirtanam 

Kali Futnani - Dances of India

Describing the dance of Siva in the golden hall of Chidambaram with the river Ganga and the Cresent moon in his hair, his wife Parvati by his side and snakes around his neck, bringing joy to the entire world. 

Standing Outside

Sarah Bush Dance Project

Dancing the resilient nature of the body and notions of safety in public spaces.


Sarah Keeney and Dancers

The resilience and remembrance of a community takes work, grit, and rigor.  We are dancing on the bones and memories of those who came before us.


Tapper Dan

A rhythmic improvisation of a resilient art in this natural outdoor environment, followed by a tap dance paired with an untraditional rendition of a timeless song.

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